Continuing Education offers an opportunity of valuable learning with a broad view perspective that assures a solid learning about the best practices of the construction industry. The classes are designed to improve the skills of the contractors and tradesmen. The suite of Continuing Education courses covers topics of Business Practices, Trade Knowledge, Construction Laws, Estimating and Logistics, Construction Management, Scheduling, Workplace Safety, Public Safety, Specifications, and Quality Control.  

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Underground and Engineering Basic 101 (2 hours) - GEN and BSP

The UNDERGROUND AND ENGINEERING BASICS 101 course provides thorough information regarding underground construction methods.

Basics of Concrete Production, Placing and Finishing (8 hrs) - GEN

The course provides the fundamental concepts and methods related to the performance of concrete.

Contractor Ethics and Responsibilities (8 hrs)

The Contractor Ethics and Responsibilities course provides thorough information regarding the industry norms of ethics and responsibilities the Contractor has with their personnel, owners, stakeholders, inspection staff, vendors and suppliers.

General Engineering Construction (8 hrs) - GEN and WPS

The General Engineering Construction course provides thorough information regarding engineering construction processes, Laws, Plans, Specifications, Quality Control, Safety and execution of engineering contracts.